12 Prom Dress Alteration Tips


The secrets to successful prom dress alterations are the same whether they’re for a bargain prom dress or a designer prom dress.

These tips I’m about to share with you will help you to get your prom dress fitting you perfectly. And when you follow these prom dress alteration instructions you won’t have any problems or disappointments.

But first a few tips/clues when you purchase your prom dress in the beginning….

1. Remember when purchasing your prom dress online, to make sure measure yourself accurately and use the store’s measuring chart. We recommend stopping by Perfect Fit Alterations and have them do a professional measurement for free.

2. If you do it yourself, then it’s better to measure yourself too big than too small – it’s easy to do the right prom dress alterations and take a garment in but a bit difficult to add fabric on! AND besides whether you have to take it in 1″ or 5″, the price is the same.

3. Whatever you do, don’t order your designer prom dress in a size that you THINK you might be on Prom Night and hope to diet into it! (It very rarely works) And besides there might not be enough fabric in the seams to let it out anywhere – much easier to do your prom dress alterations and take a garment in.

4. Most dresses are made for those of us under 5’9″. If you are taller than this and are hoping to have a full length prom dress for Prom Night, a special order from Sydney’s Closet would have to be the easiest way to do it.

5. A plus size prom dress is not just for a person with above average weight, it is also for a person with above average height! If you can’t find anything there you can still do a couple of things with a 5’9″ designer prom dress.

6. High/Low hemlines are definitely in for 2012. So take up the hem at the front and use the extra fabric to make a false hem at the back.

7. Wear flat shoes. Most of the models you see are between 5’8″ and 5’10” AND they are all wearing high heels. So maybe you could get away with wearing flats. Make sure you bring the shoes you are going to wear to the alterations fitting.

8. Order a shawl in a complementary fabric and add it to the bottom of the gown and add some of the same fabric somewhere to the top as well so that it doesn’t look added on.

9. Loralie.com is one of my favorite prom dress sites. – They stock extra fabric they can sell you, the same as the gown. And because they manufacture their own gowns they should be able to make a gown a bit longer for you anyway.

10. If your fabulous prom dress has a small train, add a hook and eye to the back of your prom dress so that your train can be brought up to the length of your gown when you are dancing (a lot less likely to trip over it!! – which is definitely not a good thing to do.)

11. Don’t forget about your accessories, they are really the best way to bring personality to your prom look. You don’t always have to spend a lot on your dress, if you spend a little more on accessories that you are going to wear over and over again. Buying a fabulous pair of shoes or a great necklace can transform a ally a simple dress into something amazing.

12. When you do want to have your prom dress alteration done, stop by Perfect Fit Alterations and have a free fitting, you will then know the estimated cost of the alterations and how soon you can pick it up. You don’t want any surprises and you want to have time to make sure you get that perfect fit.

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