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Broadway Shops, 2703 E. Broadway, Suite 135, Columbia, MO. 65201 (573) 777-9995

Open Monday-Friday 9-6/Saturday 10-3/ Closed Sunday

Please call us or stop in during normal business hours so we may help you faster.

No Appointment Necessary, walk-ins welcome.

If you believe you have a complex fitting or one that may take awhile...please try to come in at least 1 hour before closing.

Most fittings do not take very long.

Most times it is easier to just stop by and bring the item in so we can give you a cost and time when it will be ready.

This allows us to truly understand exactly what your needs are and give you the perfect fit you deserve.

If you do decide to call our number is (573) 777-9995

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Hristina & Svetlana

“We Sew Peace of Mind”